“I wanted to let you know that we just finished having your Potato Bacon Soup for the first time and I feel like crying because it was soooooo much like my mother used to make! I could never duplicate the thick, creamy texture of her soup. Your soup did that for me! Thanks for bringing back a terrific memory of a terrific lady.”

Darlene Iowa

Our Response:
Darlene, You are so welcome. It is our honor to be a part of your memory. Thank you for sharing the love of your mom with us.

“I like soup. I mean I really, really like soup. I make it from scratch every week, and I often try soup mixes. By FAR your mixes are the best I have ever tried. They are quick, easy, and taste wonderful. Thanks for a great product.!!!!”


“I must tell you that after trying MANY packaged soups, your soup gets all my stars! Well done ladies!!”

Linda Maryland

Our Response:
Can you believe it? She gave us all her stars! (If only Sister Mary Francis had been so easy back in third grade…)

“I recently purchased a whole case of your English Toffee Freezie mix at my local sweet shop. I am absolutely in love with this product, and I love to share this ‘find’ with family and friends. KUDOS for creating such a unique and addicting product.”

Nicole Ohio

“I got your soup as a gift … most of those types of products taste ‘powdered or boxed’, so most of the time that stuff sits on my shelf and never gets used. But this is NOT the case when it comes to yours. Yours tastes like I made it from scratch. It was incredible!”

Laura South Carolina

“Tonight we tried your product … I just loved our first meal tonight. Lots of luck with the product. I hope you really make it big.”

Ron Nebraska

Our Response:
Wow. We think we love Ron. And frankly, we hope we make it big, too. But not REALLY big. Not big like we have to wear pantyhose to work. Not big like we have to go to a lot of meetings. Just big enough. That would be great.

“The cheeseball was a huge hit at my party. The women absolutely loved it but what was so surprising is that the men did, too. They couldn’t get enough. A few just hung out by the appetizer table; they chose the cheeseball over the chips and dip!”

S. Dudy

“At Christmas, one of our children gave us a box of your Potato and Bacon Soup. All prepackaged and dry soup is just fair, so my wife and I put the container on the shelf. Today, needing something to eat, she heated up the package… WOW—NOW THAT IS SOUP!!! Absolutely fantastic…”

Richard and Beverly E. Iowa

“It was a rainy night in South Florida so I made your Hungarian Mushroom Soup. I’m writing to say it was SO GOOD I took a piece of bread to wipe the pot clean so as not to waste a drop!”

Rosemary Apopka, FL

Our Response: We (and the nuns at St. Joe’s) commend you for your good behavior!

“I don’t usually send this kind of feedback, but we received a couple of your soups in a Christmas package. Thought you’d like to know, that for a processed soup, your Tomato Parmesan was absolutely the best we have ever tasted.”

D and B Olivera Connecticut

“Everyone raves about your cheeseball mixes, and I’m a good advertisement as I don’t take all the credit. I show the box and talk ‘about how easy it is to make! It’s light and tasty flavor would be perfect also for spring and summer—for entertaining, or for anytime!’”

Sarah H. Illinois

“Congratulations for making WONDERFUL, easy soups. My entire family has become addicted. I gave a selection to my sister in Rhode Island and she wants MORE! Keep up the good work.”

Carole H.

Our Response:
Hey Carol, you must have a great family! Anyone who loves our mixes that much is like family to us. So, Carol, if you’re reading this, the family reunion is always the 2nd week in September. Be sure to come!! (We’ll bring the soup if you bring the brownies!!)