About Us

Name: Mary

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

Best Friend: Maggie

Regret: My childhood dream was to have my very own Easy Bake™ Oven. I’m still waiting.

Why Dry Mixes: We figured there must be other people like me who missed out on the whole Easy Bake™ Oven thing and therefore, would benefit from EASY, COMPLETE and DELICIOUS foods that can be prepared by just adding water.

Cooking Skills: Lacking

Name: Maggie

Hometown: Heron Lake, Minnesota

Best Friend: Mary

Advantages: I did have an Easy Bake™ Oven. I also had two great neighborhood pals, Davy and Darvy, who encouraged me to cook up tiny cakes—and trouble—whenever we played together. (For the record, I still like to cook up a little mischief every now and then.)

Working Philosophy: When you don’t wear underwire bras you can think more freely, be more creative, and mix up dynamite products!

How We Met: Freshman year in college. We both missed the bus back to campus, but ended up catching the friendship of a lifetime.

Other Details: We have 2 husbands, 3 dogs, 6 nieces, 6 nephews and 1 rock collection between us.