Hello Friends ~        

Though  we may be celebrating different upcoming holidays we’re all on the same page that we’re wrapping up a year unlike any other.  If anything, these past months have reminded us to enjoy the simple things in life and to savor each day.

Even though we're being asked to stay close to home that doesn’t mean home has to be boring!!  We can all create fun and “experiential meals” that engage the folks in our households.   Stir your favorite extras into a pot of soup (extra cheese is ALWAYS a good thing!),  pop popcorn to toss on top of your soup to serve as croutons, mix up a hot dip and as you enjoy bite after bite discuss the best book you’ve read or explain why yellow IS your favorite color (maybe it has to do with that whole cheese thing!).

Because our mixes are shelf stable they make the perfect gift for folks who are staying home more and eating out less.   Better yet, if you were to ask our grandmothers they would tell you nothing says love like the gift of food.   Thanks for visiting our site.  We wish you and yours a safe, cozy, gentle holiday season.