Hi There ~

Thanks so much for jumping on here!!     To those of you who are just getting to know us, we're excited to have you discover our easy and delicious mixes.   If you're interested, here's a one minute video our friend Andy put together to tell our story:    To those of you who already know us, we still LOVE you! Thanks for supporting us all these years.  You pay our rent, you keep the lights on, and we're deeply grateful.

Now that the weather is warming up, you're going to have fun with our dip and cheeseball mixes which make preparing foods for picnics and boat rides and family reunions SO EASY.  We love using our Spicy Cucumber dip mix to spice up chicken salad;  and our Lemon Creme' Dip is bright and delicious when you put it on a big old sugar cookie to make a fruit pizza.   Because you make our cheeseballs with cream cheese and not mayonnaise, you don't have to worry one second if they sit out in the sun.   But fair warning:  They won't last long once the first taste is had!   One of our summertime favorites is our Ice Creamy Cocktail Mix . . . prepare it with rootbeer schnapps and we promise you your tastebuds will take quite the trip down memory lane.   Remember that first summer love at the drive in?  If you're headed out camping this summer, be sure to pack some of our soup mixes.  With a little water and a nice campfire, dinner will cook while you relax and refuel and commune with nature.

Where ever you are, enjoy the good folks you're with this summer.   And thanks for taking us along on your memory making adventures.