Hi There ~

Thanks so much for jumping on here!!  Hopefully some day we'll become more techno-smart and get this page interactive.   For now, we update it as news happens . . . which lately has been sort of wonderful.  We're hugely grateful to the folks at QVC who have introduced our soups to folks all around the country this winter.   To each of you who are just getting to know us, please know we never ever forget that there would be no North Aire Market without our customers who have supported us all these years.  You pay our rent, you keep the lights on, you create jobs for good folks, and you keep the dream alive.   We hope our products return to you just a tiny bit of the pleasure your business brings to us.

In case you're just discovering us, here's a little video our friend Andy put together to tell our story:  https://youtu.be/-3eENsnsbEA

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns . . . or if you have any great recipes to share.  Everything we make starts with ideas and recipes from friends and family . . . we truly do love hearing from you!

Eat soup . . . stay warm . . . Happy Winter!!