Cheeseball Mixes

These mixes were created to help you serve a little something special at every gathering you host. They are easy to prepare, and require only the addition of cream cheese and a touch of butter. And because they are cheese based, they are perfect items for picnics and boat rides. They enjoy being outside as much as you do!

Key Lime Cheeseball Mix

This mix was applauded by the Chicago Sun Times newspaper. The true key lime flavor will deliver smiles and sunshine!

Our #1 selling cheeseball mix. It can also be used to make a...


Orange Cranberry Cheeseball Mix

This classic flavor combination looks as pretty as it tastes … terrific!

The combination of orange and cranberries is perfect for the holidays; and yet the tang and refreshing flavor make it a...


Lovin’ Lemon Cheeseball Mix

The vibrant citrus flavor tastes like gourmet cheesecake. Serve with vanilla wafers or sugar cookies.

Try filling little pastry cups with the prepared cheeseball mix for your next buffet. Top each with whipped...


Bananas Foster Cheeseball Mix

Selected as the Best New Food Product at the 20th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Show. A real champion in the taste department!

Bananas, brown sugar, butter, rum flavoring, and spices make...


Italiano Cheeseball Mix

The best flavors of Italy—garlic, beautiful tomatoes, onions, oregano, basil and more—all tucked inside this little box.

This combination of popular Italian spices is fantastic when warmed in the microwave for about 30...


Bell Pepper & Garlic Cheeseball Mix

This mix is equally good on crackers, crusty bread, and bagels. Its beautiful brick red color makes it a centerpiece whenever it is served.

This mix is equally good on crackers, crusty bread,...


Carrot Cake Cheeseball Mix

Remember the best piece of carrot cake you've ever had?  It was moist, and the flavors of the cake, the cinnamon, and the cream cheese frosting came together in perfect harmony.

We've recreated...


Apple Cinnamon Cheeseball Mix

There's a good reason Apple Pie is considered America's favorite dessert . . . the flavor of apples, cinnamon, sugar, and pastry notes blended together is as good as it gets!

Serve with...