These “just like home made” soup mixes are EASY to make (just add water and simmer for 45 minutes), FULL FLAVORED, and practically addicting! Everything you need is right in the mix … home cooking always tasted this good—it just wasn’t this easy before!!

Creamy Wild Rice Soup

First Place Award Winner. Mix includes chicken, wild rice, almonds, and a blend of vegetables. Serves 6.

This soup mix won the prestigious First Place Award at the International Fancy Food Show. Mix...


Chicken Broccoli Soup

Creamy chicken soup with sweet broccoli. Serves 5.

Smooth, creamy chicken soup with sugar sweet broccoli bursting with “just picked” flavor. Great as a soup and fabulous served on top of a baked...


Chicken Dumpling Soup

A clear chicken soup with authentic German made dumplings. Serves 5.

This one is Grandma Hager’s recipe … the authentic dumplings are made in Germany to our specifications. This is more than soup...


Tavernhouse Cheese Soup

A creamy cheese soup with the perfect blend of 4 different cheeses. Serves 5.

One of our favorites, this creamy and cheesy soup is complete all on its own … You simply won’t...


Hungarian Mushroom Soup

A most unique and simply delicious mushroom soup. Serves 4.

This unique and simply delicious mushroom soup offers a rich roasted beef base with an intricate blend of premium Hungarian paprika, dill and...


Roasted Garlic Potato Soup

An award winner. Potato soup, with roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese.
Serves 4.

This soup was an award winner at the Prestigious International Fancy Food Show. Creamy potato soup, finished off with roasted...


Be Well Chicken Soup

A clear chicken soup with authentic German made dumplings.
Serves 5.

This is our Chicken Dumpling Soup packaged in a gifty way for your friends or family members who can use a “soup...


Pantry Pack Burger Beef Soup

A soup mix that delivers roast beef comfort food flavor in less than an hour. 
Serves 6.

The mix contains barley, a whole grain and a good source of dietary fiber. The...


Pantry Pack Cheddar Broccoli Soup

An American favorite, this cheesy soup with sweet broccoli is gluten free.  
Serves 6.

A full bodied cheesy soup with a satiny texture and a creamy smoothness. Gluten and Trans Fat free.



Pantry Pack Mushroom Barley Soup

Unlike any mushroom soup you've had before.  Good bye grey white and a bit boring . . . hello golden brown delicious.  The earthy notes of the mushrooms combine perfectly with the...


Pantry Pack Chicken Noodle Soup

The #1 selling soup flavor in America.  Just add water and 1 cup of diced chicken. 
Serves 6.

This Chicken Noodle Soup is good for body and soul.  The first time you taste it, you...