Store Referral

Would you like to purchase our products in a store near you but you haven’t been able to find a store that carries them? If so, join our REAL PERSON BRIGADE and help us spread the word about our products!

If you refer a store to us and they take on our line, they’ll receive a 20% First Time Order Discount (thanks to you!) and we’ll send you a dozen of our items FREE!

Here’s what you can do to help get our products closer to you:

  1. Download and print the Store Referral form (PDF, ~68 KB).
  2. Once the form prints out, just fill in the 3 lines starting with your name (be sure to include your shipping address because that’s where we’ll send your free items if the store orders.)
  3. Then give the form to the owner/manager of a store in your area that you believe is a good fit for our product line.

It’s that easy!