Pop It Top It

"Practically addicting!"  "Fresh and sooooo good!"  "Poppin' delicious!"  These are just some of the ways folks have described our easy-to-make, oh-so-yummy candy coated popcorn snack.  Each kit is complete . . . everything you need to create a really fun and unique treat is right in the package.  However!  You don't have to stop there!  Let your imagination go wild and add something if you like.  Nuts?  Candy pieces?  Dried fruit?  Are you a purist, or will you add your own magic?  You decide!

Pop It Top It Snickerdoodle

White chocolate, candy coated, fresh made popcorn, and top-secret Snickerdoodle flavor bits, come together in an almost addicting way!

Each box contains enough microwave popcorn, white chocolate candy coating, and Snickerdoodle flavors to...